Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Madrone Gift

Imagine my surprise
To find this Christmas grove
In June
All red and green
With peeling bark
I slept beneath
Its spreading arc
And watched the
Crescent moon
The mist rolled in and I
Could see the gusting of
The breeze
As tiny droplets
Swept the ground
And scattered moon dust
All around
The graceful
Madrone trees
Some of the magic moisture
Must have found me
In a drift
Because that scene
Still comes at night
When I awake
To pale moonlight
And lingers
As a gift

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Oracle

Some prayers are answered
On your knees
In quiet thoughts
And hearts that know

And some are answered
Near old trees
That guard some secrets
Of the world

I watched a mother
Squirrel go foraging
Beneath a
Large red fir

Her body thin and
Full of living milk
She looked at me and
Then called out a song

I then remembered
That I knew
The answer
All along