Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Gift for Jo

It was wrapped
In golden paper
With a deep red
Ribbon and a bow

Though small and not
As noticed as the
Bigger gifts that
Under-girt the tree

But it was big enough
For her to see

She didn’t want to
Open it at first
And so she held it
In her hand

And read the careful
Writing underneath
That simply said,
“To Jo from Dad”

A simple note that
Made her glad

And then for no
Apparent reason she
Began to giggle

Then slipped the paper
From a cup
Half filled with soil
And a single seed

No fancy necklace
Or a book to read

But she could not
Escape the thrill
Nor keep the
Smile to herself

For there was something
In the gift
That carried there
From long ago

And lingered with the
Sanguine little bow

And flowers that she
Seemed to know
Were waiting in the
Packaged germ

A springtime colored
Just for her
A promise with
A small delay

A flower for an April feast
Beginning on a Christmas day

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