Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life Lines

She wore an empty stare
No thoughts were festering
The windows there
No hint of anything within

The creases and the wrinkles
Near her eyes were drawn
In weary lines
That told a story of their own

She must have aged that way
The skin transforming to
Habitual gray
A sadness etched in many years

But there was more to see
When she looked up at me
And then I knew
That she had been in reverie

Because her wrinkles turned
Around her smile and drew
The sashes wide
Enough for me to look inside

At something that I knew
Right then of rainbows that
Are really true
And build against a cloudy hue

And see her countenance
Alive and without sound
Provide a humor
To her highlights all around

I wondered at the richness
Of her face, so full
Of care and yet
So full of tenderness and grace

What is the cost of
Keeping such a smile,
What is the life that lifts
The lines of time

What sort of magic makes
Of weariness and grief
Into a loveliness and
Light beyond belief

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